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Raise a child who cares for others

By Essie Bester All of us would like to see our children develop into individuals with integrity, compassion and character. Experts say the secret is that we should show them that we understand them and really care because in that way they easily learn the lessons of love and character...

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Raise a child who cares for others

By Essie Bester All of us would like to see our children develop into individuals with integrity, compassion and character. Experts say the secret is that we should show them that we understand them and really care because in that way they easily learn the lessons of love and character that we share with them.  Use teachable moments Your disciplinary strategy is an important aid. Always use an opportunity to explain to your child why his behaviour is wrong and why you are punishing him. Tell stories Use stories to teach your child moral lessons. As you tell stories about ... Lees meer.

Make your child money wise

By Essie Bester This year 22 April has been reserved for the financial literacy of the next generation, something that appears to be an urgent matter. According to a 2019 survey by the National Credit Education Foundation only 55% of adults give themselves an A or B when they have to assess their knowledge about personal finance. According to a survey by Budget Insurance only about 30% of South Africans report that they have emergency savings, while only 19% can survive for three months should they lose their income. Saving money is a habit that could take time to develop ... Lees meer.

Three ways parents can help young kids combat online fatigue

By Anja van den Berg The new normal has forced students to adapt to a different way of learning. The role of online education for the continuity of education at all grade levels has been imminent for quite some time. However, this transition is not always plain sailing. Over the past few months, mentions of "Zoom fatigue" have popped up more and more on social media, and Google searches for the same phrase have steadily increased, says Liz Fosslien, author of No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work. Zoom fatigue is a catch-all, short-hand way to ... Lees meer.

Help, my child is gaining weight!

By Wilma Bedford The pandemic has perhaps not left its mark on your child’s social and emotional health only, but also on his or her body and he or she is now in danger of being stigmatised as fat. During the pandemic we stay at home more, have more access to the fridge, bed and TV. The weight gain is worsened by the absence of schools, sport and other attention-diverting activities that used to give the day structure. Adults also have a problem with pandemic weight gain. Pandemic weight gain is not only a product of diet and exercise; the ... Lees meer.

Teachers’ contribution to teenagers’ mental health

By Marli Naidoo It is estimated that 20% of children and adolescents in South African suffer from mental disorders and that approximately half of all mental disorders start around the age of 14 years. The risk of contracting mental-health problems is bigger in vulnerable environments with poor social support and socioeconomic inequalities, such as in developing countries. In a mental-health study done in five cities spread over the globe it was found that Johannesburg adolescents between the ages of 15 and 19 years at levels of 44,6% and 67,0% respectively reported the highest levels of depression and posttraumatic stress symptoms. ... Lees meer.

Is marriage counselling worth it?

By Emsie Martin The day you stood at the altar with stars in your eyes you could not imagine that you might have to see a marriage counsellor one day. After a few years, it feels as if you can no longer make things work. There are just too many differences – which you realised too late. The main problems arise because people have not learned to communicate clearly and effectively. Anri van den Berg, a marriage, relationship and trauma counsellor, explains it as follows: “Of course, infatuation plays a huge role in our choice of a partner. We are ... Lees meer.

Protect your marriage from falling apart due to financial pressures during Covid-19

By Marli Naidoo Constantly being cooped up together and financial pressures caused by Covid-19 and the lockdown regulations have resulted in many marriages falling apart and an increase in the divorce rate. In some cases, couples found that their financial challenges have led to a deepening of their relationship and stronger marital ties. However, this applies mostly to couples in the higher and middle-income groups. Families in the lower income group who are experiencing serious financial pressures during this time find it much harder to focus on preserving their marriage. However, it is possible to come out of this stronger ... Lees meer.

SA divorce rate increases during lockdown

By Wilma Bedford Covid-19 and the ensuing national lockdown have put a strain on our everyday lives. When it comes to relationships, even more so. Divorce is surging. This is the impression many media reports have conveyed, suggesting marriage is crumbling under the pressures of lockdowns, job losses, school closures, and the general uncertainty of 2020, spilling over into 2021. Many couples admit the global pandemic has forced them to re-evaluate their relationships, often choosing to separate for whatever reason. South Africa ranks 83rd out of 154 countries for divorce. According to the stats, most people in South Africa have multiple ... Lees meer.

Three steps for couples to find balance while working from home

By Anja van den Berg The Covid-19 pandemic has dictated a new world of work where most of us work from home. Domestic harmony has been turned upside-down in many households, and couples now face unchartered – and dangerous – territory. The stress of the coronavirus pandemic has created a volatile situation inside many homes, said Professor Mara Olekalns, an expert in negotiations and relational resilience. Olekalns added that the tension has damaged even the most robust partnerships and even ended some marriages. “Balancing the demands of working from home with added domestic responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, childcare, and ... Lees meer.

Break the silence about domestic violence

By Emsie Martin It is once more time for 16 Days of Activism for no violence against women and children, an annual campaign from 25 November to 10 December to make people more aware of the impact of violence against women and children. But does it really make a difference? Women sometimes feel ensnared and scared to report domestic violence. Help is available, talk to a social worker trained to provide assistance. The following is a short list of information that can make a difference. What is domestic violence? any physical abuse emotional, verbal and psychological abuse sexual abuse economic ... Lees meer.

The relationship between pets and people

By Emsie Martin Many of us cannot always understand why there are people who don’t like animals, but the bond between man and animals enjoys attention worldwide due to the mutual benefits it contains for both parties. Animals are being increasingly utilised as substitutes for social interaction in homes for the elderly, nursery schools and hospitals. Pets and companion animals can therefore serve as objects for unloading tension on the one hand, and as a link to nature on the other. Pets have an important influence on how people feel about themselves and about life. The emotional, social and physical ... Lees meer.

5 Human Foods That Will Harm Your Dog

By Anja van den Berg You might think that sharing your treats with your pets show them how much you love them. After all, who can resist those puppy-dog eyes begging for a morsel? But hold off on spoiling them with human indulgence. Some foods that you enjoy are just out-and-out bad for your dog and can cause health problems. Even if your dog has eaten these foods in the past with no problems, they could be causing serious issues you might not realise. Here are the five worst foodstuffs you should never feed dogs, no matter how adorably they ... Lees meer.

Choosing the right pet for your child

By Dr Eugene Brink You’re thinking about treating your child by getting them a pet they can adore and spend time with. The spin-off is that they are taught some responsibility by caring for a living being. While this all sounds wonderful, it is advisable that you first assess what animal is best for them. Also, it is a long-term commitment and the care of such an animal will eventually in all likelihood fall unto you. First of all. . . There are several handy guidelines to keep in mind when taking such a big decision. The American Association of ... Lees meer.

Get the right pet sitter

By Emsie Martin It’s bad for an animal lover to plan a holiday while you know your beloved pet cannot go along. And then, when the holiday arrives, they look at you with those big, sad eyes as if they know that you are going to leave them alone. Start looking for a pet sitter for your next holiday right away so that your pet can stay in the comfort of its own house and you can have peace of mind while on holiday. There are various options Traditional options include a kennel or a house sitter. It is extremely ... Lees meer.

My dog barks too much

By Marli Naidoo There are many reasons why some dogs bark excessively. Some dog-breeds bark more than others. Don’t choose a guard dog if you don’t want him to bark. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise are inclined to bark more. Too little stimulation can cause your dog to become bored. When dogs are left alone the entire day, they can start missing you, become bored and start barking endlessly. Dogs in general are excitable creatures. When you play with them, they can bark playfully. After all, this is their way of speaking. Dogs communicate through barking, moaning and crying. ... Lees meer.

WhatsApp’s new privacy rules

By Wilma Bedford The current debate about WhatsApp’s new privacy rules and ultimatum to you as user to underwrite the policy or your account will be suspended, has caused many to be hot under the collar and some to be confused and anxious. WhatsApp, with two billion users, will announce a new privacy policy that will come into effect on 15 May 2012. Users are concerned about the possible distribution of their private data and this has already resulted in millions subscribing to alternative community channels such as Telegram and Signal, who offer the assurance that metadata, which for example ... Lees meer.

Break the silence about domestic violence

By Emsie Martin It is once more time for 16 Days of Activism for no violence against women and children, an annual campaign from 25 November to 10 December to make people more aware of the impact of violence against women and children. But does it really make a difference? Women sometimes feel ensnared and scared to report domestic violence. Help is available, talk to a social worker trained to provide assistance. The following is a short list of information that can make a difference. What is domestic violence? any physical abuse emotional, verbal and psychological abuse sexual abuse economic ... Lees meer.

Crime: We need to take care of ourselves

By Dr Eugene Brink Although the overall levels of crime dropped in the 2019-’20 financial year as compared to the previous year, the devil is in the detail and crime remains unacceptably high. This tendency can be ascribed to the fact that fewer crimes were reported in communities and that fewer crimes were reported through police activity. Although these facts are not properly contextualised, it is fairly safe to assume that communities are losing confidence in the efficiency of the police and therefore do not take the trouble to report a host of crimes. Carjackings, for instance, increased considerably year-on-year. ... Lees meer.

Domestic violence – how can you help?

By Wilma Bedford The Covid-19 lockdown has placed domestic violence and abuse against women in the spotlight; one out of every six women experiences violence. Violence is any abusive conduct that curbs the rights of any citizen to be free and that causes harm with regard to the health and wellbeing of others. Although the focus is on women and children, the elderly and siblings are also regular defenceless victims, but men as victims are a disregarded group. They receive scant support because they are reticent to seek help due to the possible weakling stigma that will cling to them, ... Lees meer.

Prevent violence against women and children

By Marli Naidoo Violence against women and children occurs in South Africa in shocking numbers. According to President Cyril Ramaphosa, at the moment Covid-19 and violence against women and children are the two pandemics which we are fighting. With the lowering of the lockdown from stage 4 to stage 3, this kind of violence and abuse has increased rapidly, and 21 women and children have been murdered in South Africa during the last few weeks. It is difficult to foresee numbers, as it is not always clear if the crimes were committed against the victims because they are women. However, ... Lees meer.

Important money lessons for children

By Nico Strydom With the festive season around the corner the temptation to spend money usually becomes greater and it is a good time to teach your children important money lessons. The website JustMoney recently asked a number of children what money means to them. Many of them realise the importance of money and the value of saving as a way to reach their dreams. The children were asked four questions, namely what is money, why is it important, what does it mean to save, and why is it important to save. According to Sarah Nicholson, commercial manager at JustMoney, ... Lees meer.

Affordable Christmas amidst Covid-19 financial pressure

By Marli Naidoo Covid-19 and the lockdown have given most people’s wallets a beating, and many of us just feel like skipping Christmas this year. Of course, this isn’t possible. However, what is possible, is to plan and celebrate an affordable Christmas. Plan ahead and in the finest detail. Your bank balance doesn’t need any surprises at this point in time. How much will and can you spend on food and gifts now? With regard to gifts, it is important to buy with what you have, and not what you wish you had. Leave the credit card at home. It ... Lees meer.

Going on vacation? Here’s how to reduce your risk of contracting the coronavirus

By Anja van den Berg Now might not be the best time to travel. However, cabin fever is reaching its peak as South Africans have been cooped up for months. And, says Johanna Read, wanderlust and family obligations can be powerful lures. Read specialises in responsible tourism and has worked on issues ranging from pandemic influenza to refugee determination. If you just have to get out for a holiday trip, there are ways to decrease your risks while on vacation. Whether you’re setting off by plane or car, Read helps you understand how you can protect yourself: Transportation The safest ... Lees meer.

Travel in the midst of Covid-19 and thereafter

By Nico Strydom Numerous countries have enabled their citizens to once again travel in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, but experts agree that the travel experience will for now and long afterwards be very different. South Africans started travelling again for work on 1 June. At this stage travel for relaxation or pleasure remains forbidden. International travel is also not allowed, with South Africa’s borders  remaining closed. However, Oz Desai, CEO of Corporate Traveller, warns that the travel experience will for now appear quite different. “Travellers should be aware that the rules and regulations for travel can and will ... Lees meer.

Road safety lessons on the long road to the coast

By Wilma Bedford Road accidents in South Africa are of the highest in the world: Worldwide there are 24.1 deaths per 100 000 road users, while in South Africa the figure is 31.9 per 100 000. In South Africa road deaths are caused by drunk driving, speed, distracted drivers, reckless driving, potholes and worn brakes and tyres. Collisions are the main cause of road deaths and the drivers are mainly 15-29 years old. There has been talk about including road safety in the school curriculum, therefore the long road to your holiday at the coast is a golden opportunity to ... Lees meer.

Families move in together to save money: Make it work

By Marli Naidoo The Covid-19 lockdown as well as South Africa’s general financial situation has put many people under tremendous financial pressure. A solution that is becoming more popular is for families to share homes. Many families, for instance, move in with grandparents and in so doing relieve the pressure on everybody’s budgets. Living with family could, however, become unbearable if it is not done the right way. Long-term planning is essential. Decide beforehand when you want to go on your own again. Be realistic and allow all parties enough time to get on their feet. Make sure that you ... Lees meer.

Get and store water independent of your municipality

By Marli Naidoo A disturbingly large number of South Africans do not have access to clean drinking water. This does not only apply to people living under the breadline. More and more people use water purification systems in their houses our buy all their drinking water. Many towns and parts of cities are often without water and regular droughts over large parts of the country cause taps to run dry. The idea that households should be able to obtain, purify and store their own water independently is becoming more and more appealing and essential. There are various ways of doing ... Lees meer.

Gardening for the whole family

By Emsie Martin Regardless of whether you have a large erf or just a few pots on the balcony, start a family garden. It’s easy to garden together, resulting in many benefits, not only related to the family, but also all the fresh vegetables and beautiful flowers with which you will be rewarded. Even before you see any results in the garden, you will already notice the change in your family. It is together time during which family members can joke and chat and everyone experience the benefits attached thereto. Physical activity Gardening also is exercise that all of us ... Lees meer.

Your stoep garden

By Wilma Bedford With the recent lockdown and the prospect of more lockdowns in future we take a new look at the stoep and the stoep garden as an additional outside room of the house or we want to try and change the space into something similar with a minimum of trouble. If you don’t have a stoep or a lapa you can still with little effort change an unoccupied corner into a small sanctuary by strategically  placing a chair or two, an umbrella, a small table and a pot plant. Although your stoep garden may not necessarily add value ... Lees meer.

Recipe: Baked chicken with thyme

Lea Brink Aromatic and quick. You will need: 4 chicken breasts 250ml fresh cream 100g finely chopped thyme 400g yellow and red rosa tomatoes ½ finely chopped onion 2 finely chopped cloves of garlic 2 cups grated mozzarella cheese 2 cups grated cheddar cheese Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Cut the chicken breasts open lengthwise so that the breasts are flattened into two portions. Pack the chicken breasts in an oven pan next to each other so that there are eight flattened chicken breast portions. Pour generous amounts of the fresh cream over the breasts. Sprinkle the chopped thyme leaves ... Lees meer.

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