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Friday | 10 July | 2020 Prevent violence against women and children

By Marli Naidoo Violence against women and children occurs in South Africa in shocking numbers. According to President Cyril Ramaphosa, at the moment Covid-19 and violence against women and children are the two pandemics which we are fighting. With the lowering of the lockdown from stage 4 to stage 3,  … Read more

Wednesday | 08 July | 2020 At wits’ end with your whining child?

By Melodie Veldhuizen Does your toddler’s whining sometimes drive you crazy? The irritating speaking with a whiny voice makes you so angry that eventually you give in and let her have her way. You think she is probably manipulating you, but is this truly the case? And how does one  … Read more

Wednesday | 01 July | 2020 The effect if the Covid-19 lockdown on the relationship between grandparents and grand-children

By Melodie Veldhuizen Prior to Covid -19 and the accompanying restrictions, many grandchildren and grandparents saw each other at least once per week, or even daily. However, in one fell swoop even those who live just a stone’s throw away from each other are in the same boat as cyber  … Read more

Friday | 26 June | 2020 Advice by a veteran in home schooling to Covid-19 home-schooling families

By Marli Naidoo Covid-19 and the lockdown have cast everybody adrift in their own little boat on stormy seas and every parent (willingly or not) has emerged as a home schooler. In spite of the wonderful time of togetherness for families, instructing your own children academically is not always an  … Read more

Monday | 22 June | 2020 Handling your family’s anxiety and fear during the Covid-19 pandemic

By Wilma Bedford There are some signs that indicate whether you or a family member are experiencing mental health issues: fear and anxiety about your own physical wellbeing, changes in you sleeping and eating patterns, trouble concentrating or falling asleep, chronic health problems that worsen, withdrawal from the rest of  … Read more

Wednesday | 17 June | 2020 Helping kids deal with disappointment

By Dr Eugene Brink Not unlike adults, kids will face all manner of disappointments in their young lives. Losing races, being snubbed by friends and not being included in sport teams leave many children crestfallen and despondent. Although some of it will inevitably hurt them, there are mechanisms at your  … Read more

Wednesday | 17 June | 2020 Working Parents, This Is The Secret To Relaxing and Recharging During The COVID-19 Crisis

By Anja van den Berg As a working parent, you’re familiar with putting the needs of others before your own.  Airlines have it right when they advise you to first put on your oxygen mask before assisting others. You can’t spend energy on loved ones or work if your inner  … Read more

Friday | 12 June | 2020 Benefits for children of being outside

By Marli Naidoo The level 3 lockdown provides more freedom to be able to exercise any time of the day. We can therefore once again go walking or biking with our children. In Japan, where people experience high work pressure, they make use of forest therapy, where people are afforded  … Read more

Friday | 12 June | 2020 How to defuse Covid stress in households

By Nico Strydom A worldwide pandemic of a new, unknown virus can cause severe stress and anxiety, which can also be aggravated by regulations introduced in an effort to combat the virus. According to Charnel Hattingh, national marketing and communication manager of the security company Fidelity ADT, they are definitely  … Read more

Wednesday | 10 June | 2020 What kids think of the coronavirus

By Marli Naidoo Kids say the darndest things, and when I questioned them about the coronavirus, I was not disappointed. Why must we stay at home? Matt (4): Lockdown. First the coronavirus came, then the lockdown came, and Cyril Ramaphosa gave the lockdown. What is the coronavirus? Matt: It is  … Read more

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