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Tuesday | 11 December | 2018 Be sun smart this summer

Essie Bester For decades people have been hearing that the sun can make you old and even kill you. And yet it would seem that people think that scientists are lying about it and it is all just a lot of scare stories. South Africans are still shockingly careless or  … Read more

Tuesday | 11 December | 2018 Mealie and tuna cakes

 Lea Brink Children really enjoy this. You need: 1½ cups mashed potatoes 2 tins drained tuna ½ cup drained canned mealies 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 1 cup bread crumbs Coarse salt and pepper Heat the oven to 220 degrees. Line a baking pan with baking paper and spray with Spray  … Read more

Tuesday | 11 December | 2018 Build your child’s emotional intelligence

Essie Bester When emotions run high, we do and say things we would normally not do or say. Young children do this all the time. Children’s ability to manage the way they experience and express emotions ─ which forms a large part of emotional intelligence ─ improves with practice. Dr  … Read more

Tuesday | 11 December | 2018 Technology and infidelity

By Nico Strydom The digital era has not only made it easier for people to cheat on their partners, but has also resulted in some people in relationships now being more suspicious of their partners and also being able to catch them red-handed. The progress in technology means every move  … Read more

Tuesday | 11 December | 2018 Matrics, this is how to stay safe during the holidays

By Nico Strydom The matric exams have come and gone and matrics are looking ahead with great excitement to the holidays and parties in the offing. Parties and celebrations will be held all over the country. “Unfortunately, each year there are also cases where matrics die in road accidents, due  … Read more

Tuesday | 11 December | 2018 Make sure your car is safe for the long trip

By Nico Strydom The festive season is just around the corner and it is time to create memories with friends and family. Whether you are planning a peaceful and quiet holiday in the bush or a holiday at the beach, or just intend staying at home and exploring your town  … Read more

Tuesday | 11 December | 2018 Mushroom and herb pasta

By Lea Brink Quick and easy, delicious with a glass of white wine You need: 200 g penne pasta 450 g differently cut mushrooms 3 green onions, cut into pieces 2 crushed and cut cloves of garlic 2 tablespoons whiskey 300 ml sour cream ¼ cup chopped thyme, sage and  … Read more

Tuesday | 04 December | 2018 Prepare a elderly-friendly home

By Wilma Bedford When starting a family, or when you are financially secure and your home has to reflect your status, retirement and changing physical abilities are far from your thoughts. Properties become expensive, which might necessitate three generations living in one home at some stage. Be that as it  … Read more

Tuesday | 04 December | 2018 3 Simple Ways Working Parents Can Simultaneously Improve Their Careers And Families

If you’re a working parent, chances are that your to-do list is a never-ending slippery slope of responsibilities.  Since becoming a parent, you’ve tried various strategies to keep up with the intensifying pace. Yet, you just cannot seem to reach the summit of the ever-growing mountain. Working parents say they  … Read more

Monday | 03 December | 2018 Save your marriage by mastering money management skills

Anja van den Berg For richer or for poorer.  This is what most of us promise our spouse when we pledge ourselves in marriage. Unfortunately, many couples today can’t seem to survive either richer or poorer due to poor money management skills. It’s no secret that fighting about money puts  … Read more

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