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Thursday | 17 August | 2017 To my beautiful four daughters: “You are my priority”.

I am sitting in my office today as a mom in the workplace. I pray, I think and I wonder… This letter is to my four daughters – Jana, Carla, Riandi and Marli with whom my thoughts are wandering today. Being a mom in the workplace is an integrated part  … Read more

Wednesday | 16 August | 2017 23 Wishes for you, my love

My dearest Nina Wow! Sometimes I wonder what me and your father did for Jesus to spoil us with you. We definitely hit the jackpot when we got you. When I am looking at you while you are singing along to Lollos I wish you the following things: 1. That  … Read more

Monday | 14 August | 2017 A letter to my daughter – The life of being a woman

By Wilmarie Brits I remember the days when I were young and letters were worth its weight in gold. It was such a pleasure to fill shoeboxes with letters that you could read over and over whenever you missed someone, needed inspiration or just to quickly relive a precious memory.  … Read more

Friday | 21 July | 2017 Breast-milk as unique as a fingerprint

Karen van der Berg Every person has his or her own unique fingerprints which differ completely from those of everybody else on earth. New research conducted regarding the value of breast-milk indicates that it possesses the same characteristic. The breast-milk of all women who breast-feed differ from one another, most  … Read more

Wednesday | 12 July | 2017 Babies: Day-care in the workplace?

Karen van der Berg The fate of most working mothers is the feeling of guilt which they have to live with when they go back to the office after their babies’ birth. In addition to this, there are the milestones which they miss out on, the worry about their babies’  … Read more

Wednesday | 05 July | 2017 Are sleep-overs still safe?

Marli Naidoo   According to Dr James Dobson, psychiatrist and founder of Focus on the Family, sleep-overs for children are out. Child abuse occurs so regularly and easily that one simply cannot take a chance. You cannot afford a single mistake because you will remember and regret it for the  … Read more

Wednesday | 28 June | 2017 Make your own baby products

Ronéll van Rooyen   It is exciting to buy all kinds of sweet smelling toiletries for the new baby for stork teas, but have you ever considered that it is unnecessary chemical substances on his/her sensitive well-balanced skin that only remove the natural oils? Well, here are some smart ideas  … Read more

Friday | 28 April | 2017 Want to raise successful kids?

Bill Murphy Jr.   ‘We are what we repeatedly do,’ said Aristotle. ‘Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.’ It’s true, whether we’re talking about ourselves or our children. Wealthy parents give their kids a giant advantage simply by raising them in more privileged neighbourhoods. Not everyone love  … Read more

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