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Be a good mother rather than trying to be a perfect one

By Melodie Veldhuizen Every mother strives toward being the perfect mom for her kids. But the second you hold that crying bundle in your arms, you realise that it will require hard work to fulfil this dream. As time passes and the challenges of motherhood increase all the more, you...

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Read to your child

By Marli Naidoo It is so blissful to end one’s day with a book. You can share this joy with your children by reading to them. When you read to your child, you not only take him on a flight of the imagination, you also plant the seeds for a lifelong love for books and words. The Rhode Island Hospital in America did a study on the effect of reading to babies. They observed two groups of eight-month old babies. The parents of one group regularly read to them, while the other group did not. It was found that the ... Lees meer.

Learn from your child to think creatively

By Wilma Bedford Your child may tire you with the why question, followed by further in-depth how questions, and as your child’s curiosity and creative thinking develop, the what if question is added. Your child is trying to make sense of his environment; by asking the right questions he obtains the correct information about how things work and how to cope with the world. A child’s play pattern is also based on what if I do this, what will happen and how will I do it? And this is the pattern upon which complicated queries, the search for knowledge of ... Lees meer.

Develop your child’s sense of humour

By Wilma Bedford A sense of humour is not something one is born with, but it can be cultivated. Cultivate humour in your child and help build a fully rounded personality and a happier adult. People who laugh are healthier, happier and optimistic, less depressed and loved by their peers. A good sense of humour makes children cleverer, cultivates handling skills with regard to setbacks and challenges. Someone with a well-developed sense of humour has the ability to see what is funny in an incident and in a person. Humour helps them to see something from another person’s perspective, to ... Lees meer.

Help, my toddler displays aggressive behaviour

By Melodie Veldhuizen Parents are shocked when their good-natured toddler suddenly slaps a friend or attacks him with a toy, or even bites. Why do toddlers sometimes act aggressively? ·         It is a way of giving expression to their emotions. They do not yet possess the skills to express their irritation, anger or frustration in a civilised and socially acceptable manner. ·         Curiosity to see what will happen when they display such behaviour, especially when they have been warned not to do it. They want to know why it is wrong to hurt a sibling or a friend. ·         To ... Lees meer.

Sensory processing disorder with regard to food (SPDF) in children

By Melodie Veldhuizen Sensory processing disorder is when the brain struggles to process information by means of the senses. Parents often confuse SPDF with fussiness, but children with this disorder experience food in a totally different way than other children. Because the brain cannot regulate sensory messages in connection with specific textures, tastes, smells and even the colours of certain foods, the child develops an aversion to certain foods and refuses to eat it. Children with SPDF experience the taste, smell, texture (in their mouths and even how it feels when touching it) as well as the colour of some ... Lees meer.

How to defuse Covid stress in households

By Nico Strydom A worldwide pandemic of a new, unknown virus can cause severe stress and anxiety, which can also be aggravated by regulations introduced in an effort to combat the virus. According to Charnel Hattingh, national marketing and communication manager of the security company Fidelity ADT, they are definitely seeing an increase in stress in households if you look at the comments on WhatsApp and social-media community groups where people are asking for help when they hear screaming or fighting in houses in their street. “There are also angry and threatening messages against neighbours and those who do not ... Lees meer.

Be aware of the small habits that could destroy your marriage

By Melodie Veldhuizen You still love each other, but your marriage no longer is the safe place it used to be. Perhaps one or more small habits are busy destroying your once happy marriage. An incident here or there can still be overlooked, but a regular repetition of the same must cause the hazard lights to start flickering.  Do you recognise some of them? You use work as an excuse to avoid your partner, by staying at the office for long hours or even bringing work home. Finances: Only one party manages your financial affairs, or you are dishonest about ... Lees meer.

Restore respect in your marriage

By Marli Naidoo The loss of respect for each other can break down a marriage fast. The good news is that this lost respect can be restored and you take each other into consideration again. When you respect each other you accept that you differ and that you think differently about things, you respect personal boundaries, have a mutual understanding about what is acceptable in your relationship, and there is balance and fairness. If there is a circle of balanced give and take, it is a sign of a respectful relationship. Choose the restoration of respect. This is a conscious ... Lees meer.

Discover your partner’s love language

By Melodie Veldhuizen You don’t doubt your love for one another, yet you often feel unloved and therefore discontented. This is because people experience love in different ways and why your loved one doesn’t experience the way in which you show you care, as love. In his book, Five languages of love, Gary Chapman, an expert in the field of relationships and marriage, distinguishes the following love languages: constructive words, quality time, gifts, servitude and physical touch. Constructive words: This means compliments for specific things you find attractive and sincere words of thanks for specific things your partner does which ... Lees meer.

Spoil your loved one daily

By Marli Naidoo With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we want to make an extra effort to spoil our loved ones. However, we needn’t wait for 14 February to make him/her feel special. Every day offers new opportunities to surprise your darling with small treats that cost very little or nothing. Remember that every person is different. This does not mean that your hubby will like the same treats you do, so make sure that you take his personality, love language and taste into consideration when you decide what you are going to do. Read to him from a ... Lees meer.

Help, my pet has bad breath

By Melodie Veldhuizen Most cat and dog lovers have noted that their animal friends have bad breath. You can do something about it, if you know what the cause is. Some of the causes can be treated and even preventd, while others can only be treated at great cost. Pica. This is an eating disorder where animals, especially dogs, will eat anything they see that is not food, such as faeces, stones, ground, hair, paint and even cloth. This can cause serious health problems, such as intestinal sores, blockage of the intestines or irritation of the digestive tract. You may ... Lees meer.

Should I have my dog’s hair shorn or not?

By Emsie Martin Summer has arrived, not only for us but also for our pets. Most of us think now is a good time to strip your dog of its abundance of hair, just as you strip your clothes and change into swimwear or shorts. But is it really a good idea to have your wooly bundle’s hair shorn off? Health issues associated with heat are noticeable among brachycephalic (short-nosed) dogs, especially those with long hair. In the South African heat it would really help them to have their hair shorn. Benefits of shaving your dog in summer: • It ... Lees meer.

Caring for your pet during a heat wave

By Emsie Martin Most of us have already experienced the extremely hot days of this summer season and you might be thinking it’s a good time to strip you dog of his thick ruff, just as we strip of layers of clothes and walk around in swimsuits and shorts. Your pet is also hot, but first ask your vet if it is the right thing to do. Following are some tips from the SPCA on how to protect your pet against the heat this summer: If possible, keep your pets indoors when it gets too hot. If that is not ... Lees meer.

Prepare your pet for the new baby

By Nico Strydom The arrival of a new baby can turn a household on its head and it could also affect the house pets. Once the new baby has come home, it is accompanied by an overwhelming array of new sounds and smells, and this could upset a dog, especially if it is not used to children. A baby also results in drastic changes to the daily routine, which means that your dog’s schedule could possibly also change. A new baby could also result in a dog getting less attention than before for a while. All this can result in ... Lees meer.

Learn to understand your dog

By Nico Strydom Dogs use their bodies and expressions to communicate their feelings. By learning your dog’s body language you will know when it feels sad, happy, threatened or bad-tempered. Dogs use their whole body to show how they feel in a particular situation. They will bark, whine or growl and use facial expressions and their ears, lips, noses, tails and bodies, and it is therefore important to know what the different expressions and habits mean. It is, however, important to take everything together as well as the situation in which the dog finds itself into consideration, otherwise you may ... Lees meer.

Online security for the whole family

By Melodie Veldhuizen It is not only families’ physical security that is put at risk by dangers such as car hijacks, robbery and burglaries. Because most modern families use technology for playing, recreation and work, everybody’s online security must also be guarded. We share a few security measures. Install reliable antivirus software to protect your computers against viruses, spyware and malware. Secure your wi-fi network so that cyber criminals cannot use your bandwidth or infect your computers with malware or launch malware attacks from your system. Use a strong password for your router, enable cordless encryption to avoid strangers from ... Lees meer.

Protect your loved ones and your possessions

By Melodie Veldhuizen Many of us have been victims of crime ourselves, or know someone who has. It is a given and unfortunately something to which we cannot turn a blind eye or deaf ear. Everyone is exposed to it daily, which is why it is essential to do everything possible to protect ourselves, our loved ones as well as our possessions, at home and on the road. Safety at home Lock all doors and windows when no-one will be at home, and also when you are at home. Invest in a security system and test it frequently to ensure ... Lees meer.

What is child abuse?

By Marli Naidoo We will not give our children stones when they ask for bread. Unfortunately there are parents who do exactly that. Child abuse occurs in all communities and children do not always hate the abuser. In most cases the abuser is somebody known to the child or his family. Child abuse is any interaction or absence of interaction that results in non-accidental damage to the child’s physical condition or development. This includes not only physical damage but also emotional and sexual abuse, as well as neglect. Sexual abuse Sexual abuse takes place when somebody forces or solicits a ... Lees meer.

Road safety lessons on the long road to the coast

By Wilma Bedford Road accidents in South Africa are of the highest in the world: Worldwide there are 24.1 deaths per 100 000 road users, while in South Africa the figure is 31.9 per 100 000. In South Africa road deaths are caused by drunk driving, speed, distracted drivers, reckless driving, potholes and worn brakes and tyres. Collisions are the main cause of road deaths and the drivers are mainly 15-29 years old. There has been talk about including road safety in the school curriculum, therefore the long road to your holiday at the coast is a golden opportunity to ... Lees meer.

Driving safely when it rains, visibility is poor

By Nico Strydom Rain and poor visibility create the perfect recipe for traffic chaos. Due to the summer rains and load-shedding that once again keeps popping up, the Automobile Association (AA) warns motorists anew to be alert on the road at all times. “Heavy rain influences visibility and can also cause traffic lights to be out of order. The problem is exacerbated by load-shedding and power failures that result in traffic lights being out of order,” says the AA. Soaking rain can further also cause pot-holes to appear overnight. “Small holes become big pot-holes and motorists only see them when ... Lees meer.

Travelling In 2020? Top 4 Wellness Tips For Frequent Flyers

By Anja van den Berg While travelling to new destinations is exciting, regular travel can take its toll on your body – especially if you fly frequently for business. If regular travel is on the cards for you in 2020, here are five tips on how to prioritise your wellness: Monitor your sitting. It goes without saying that when you are strapped into your seat on the plane, you have no choice but to remain seated for safety reasons. However, it's essential to be aware of the adverse effects of all that sitting during multiple voyages. An ever-expanding body of ... Lees meer.

Travelling during pregnancy

By Nico Strydom For many women travelling during pregnancy can be a concern as it requires extra planning and precautions. Pregnant women who intend travelling should talk to their doctor ahead of time so that they can be advised as to which inoculations are safe and what precautions they should take for their and their babies’ health. Pregnant women are generally advised to not travel too much or unnecessarily. If, however, there are no complications with regard to the pregnancy, travelling is on the whole safe, but it is advisable not to travel after a pregnancy of 35 weeks. The ... Lees meer.

Teach children to show gratitude for gifts

By Marli Naidoo It’s time to open gifts and the kids want to jump out of their skin with excitement, while the parents break out in a cold sweat. How will your child react to his gifts? Hopefully he doesn’t cry when he opens his uncle’s gift. When your three-year-old shows he isn’t happy with his gift, it is normal, and you can’t do much about it. When, however, it is your teenager who sits around with a long face after having torn of the gift wrap, you need urgent intervention. Teach your children from a young age about gratitude ... Lees meer.

Recipe: Pineapple and apple marinated ham

Lea Brink Smoked ham for a cold-meat Christmas dinner. You will need: 500g smoked ham 240g finely crushed canned pineapple pieces ½ cup barbeque sauce (purchased sauce of your choice) 4 Granny Smith apples, finely sliced ¼ cup full-grain mustard 1 teaspoon paprika ¼ cup honey 1 tablespoon chopped sage A smoked ham is already cooked. Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Place the ham in a narrow oven dish. Cut half centimetre slices approximately 80% through. Place the apple slices and pineapple pieces in each slice of the ham. Mix the mustard, honey, paprika and barbeque sauce. Spread the sauce ... Lees meer.

Recipe: Ice-cream sandwich ginger cookies

Lea Brink Something completely different for the Christmas season. You will need: 110g butter 110g castor sugar 110g golden syrup 225g self-raising flour 2 teaspoons ginger powder 1 teaspoon sugared orange peel, chopped 1 litre vanilla ice-cream Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Grease an oven pan with butter or Spray and Cook and line with baking paper. Heat the butter in a saucepan on low heat. Add the castor sugar and golden syrup. Remove from the heat as soon as the castor sugar has been worked through thoroughly. Set aside to cool. Add the self-raising flour, sugared orange peel and ... Lees meer.

Recipe: Chocolate truffles with a pistachio filling

Lea Brink Quick and easy. You will need: 175 ml fresh cream 200g finely chopped white chocolate 100g finely chopped pistachio nuts 2 tablespoons sugar 200g finely chopped milk chocolate 1 teaspoon vanilla essence Frosting: 10 finely chopped pistachios 1 tablespoon coarse salt 1 tablespoon coconut 1 tablespoon finely chopped Crunchie chocolate Heat the sugar in a pan until golden brown. Remove from the heat and add the chopped pistachios. Spread the caramel pistachios on baking paper. Set aside to cool. Break the caramel pistachios into smaller pieces with a rolling pin. Process the pieces in a food processer until ... Lees meer.

Recipe: French toast with coconut, pineapple and honey

By Lea Brink This French toast turns every Saturday morning into a special occasion. You will need: 6 slices white bread 3 eggs ½ cup coconut cream ¼ cup finely chopped pineapple pieces ½ cup almond slivers ½ cup coconut flakes Honey of your choice 1 teaspoon brown sugar Butter for frying the bread Roast the coconut flakes in a frying pan with a teaspoon brown sugar on medium heat. Remove from the heat as soon as the sugar has melted and the coconut starts changing colour. Beat the eggs and coconut cream together in a mixing bowl. Add the ... Lees meer.

Recipe: Mexican cheese rolls

Lea Brink Comfort food for the cold and wet winter evenings. This dish has now replaced pancakes in my home. You will need: 500g beef mince ½ finely chopped onion 1 cup frozen mealies ½ teaspoon finely chopped red green-pepper 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon coriander ½ teaspoon paprika 1 cup finely chopped spinach leaves 2 finely chopped carrots 8 tortilla wraps 1 tin whole tomatoes 100 ml sour cream 2 tablespoons brown onion soup 1 tablespoon finely chopped basil Salt and pepper to taste 2 cups grated cheddar cheese 1 cup grated mozzarella cheese Preheat the oven to 180ºC. ... Lees meer.

Gardening is therapeutic

By Wilma Bedford With the lockdown and other restrictions you might for the first time in a long while have really had the time to pay attention to your garden and to enjoy it, or perhaps you now look at your garden and see the potential for food security, or just a healthier diet, or you want to create a delightful garden just for yourself, even if it is on your balcony. The new normal is to green your environment and to cultivate your own healthy vegetables and herbs. Whatever the case, your garden is a healthy place to be ... Lees meer.

Recipe: Rump steak moussaka

Lea Brink Filling and nutritious food for the winter. You will need: 500g rump steak 2 large brinjals ½ finely chopped onion 1 tin tomatoes, halved 1 packet brown onion soup 1 tablespoon finely chopped sage leaves 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon coriander 2 finely chopped cloves of garlic Sauce: 4 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons flour 2½ cups milk Salt and pepper to taste Preheat the oven to 180ºC. Peel and slice the brinjals. Pack on an oven plate and bake for approximately 10 minutes until the slices start colouring at the edges. Dice the rump steak. Fry the diced ... Lees meer.

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