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Be sun smart this summer

Essie Bester For decades people have been hearing that the sun can make you old and even kill you. And yet it would seem that people think that scientists are lying about it and it is all just a lot of scare stories. South Africans are still shockingly careless or...

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Is it okay to give your child everything his heart desires?

By Marli Naidoo Is it okay to give your child everything he wants? More than ever children are experiencing greater pressure to boast with the latest toy, gadget or phone. Social media and the internet tell children that these products determine their value and will make them more acceptable among their peers. We as parents feel compelled to give our children that which they ask for, as we only want what is best for them. No-one wants their child to be the outcast. Perhaps we sometimes also want to boast a bit about all the things we can buy our ... Lees meer.

South African parents ─ are we too competitive?

By Essie Bester It is natural to be proud of your child’s success. However, if that is all that counts, your competitiveness can change you into a pushy parent who teaches his child to win at all costs! Does this mean competition is a dirty word? Not at all. Brad Bing, managing director of Sporting Chance, a youth-based sport fund, says: “Competitiveness is part of what motivates one to reach his or her full potential and to win. It teaches children that success can be achieved through dedication, focus and hard work.” Indeed, Roger Federer would never have become the ... Lees meer.

Teenager, this is how to cultivate a healthy self-image

By Melodie Veldhuizen Do you always feel negative about yourself and think that you are not good enough? Do you regard yourself as a failure and is this why you don’t feel even a little bit excited if you get something right or do it well? Are you depressed for days if things don’t work out the way you planned it? Do you compare yourself with your friends and other young people and do you always feel that they are better, more attractive and more intelligent than you? Then you probably have a poor self-image. A sound self-image is especially ... Lees meer.

Would you allow your children to visit someone who grows (and uses) cannabis at home?

By Tania du Toit Cannabis may now be grown at home and suddenly it is no longer a scandal or criminal hobby. At long last everyone can now do as he/she pleases, yet this development has a wider impact on issues that possibly might not have been considered. Regardless of legislation and court findings, things like conviction and lifestyle certainly still exist? Mindful life choices? Scenario: You disapprove of smoking and have no smoking friends or family and don’t allow any smoking on your premises or in your home. Your younger children want to go visit or sleep over at ... Lees meer.

What happens if my baby is born prematurely?

By Nico Strydom A premature birth is when a baby is born more than three weeks before the estimated date of confinement. When a woman goes into labour prematurely, it does not necessarily mean that the baby will be born prematurely. Nowadays doctors can do much more to delay a premature birth as long as possible. The longer the baby can stay inside until as close as possible to the date of confinement, the smaller the chances that it will experience problems after the birth. Many premature births are also planned because of complications, such as the mother’s medical condition ... Lees meer.

Please talk to me, honey!

By Karen van der Berg If there is one thing women want the most, it is for their husbands to talk about their emotions. Most men struggle to talk about their emotions or “deeper” stuff such as relationships. The good news is, you can teach your husband to do so. This is according to Raymond Fourie, a marriage counsellor in Bellville. Most people possess an amazing ability to grow and change. Your husband does not find it as easy as you do to talk about matters of the heart, because as a child he received messages to suppress his experiences ... Lees meer.

When is divorce the best option?

By Anja van den Berg Divorce is not something to be taken lightly. The emotional and financial fallout from ending a marriage can be tremendous and traumatic for all involved. “The common conclusion to all studies on prevention of relationship breakdown and the causes of divorce is that a constellation of factors, not a single cause, is normally responsible for the breakdown of a marriage relationship,” says Bertus Preller, family law and divorce lawyer at Bertus Preller & Associates Inc. in Cape Town. Since relationships are dynamic and family circumstances alter throughout the course of the marriage (for example, the ... Lees meer.

The pros and cons of online dating

By Nico Strydom In the digital era more and more people meet online and like everything else, it has its pros and cons. Technology makes it easier for single people to meet new friends online and even to find their life partners. There are thousands of dating websites that provide for the different needs of people who decide to date online. Technology, however, can be both an obstacle and an aid to romance. Once you’ve taken the first step towards creating an online profile, there are several things to keep in mind: Do not create a misleading profile Give a ... Lees meer.

Is the first year of a marriage really the bumpiest?

By Nico Strydom The first year of a marriage is often referred to as the honeymoon phase, but also has the reputation of being one of the most difficult years of a marriage. There doesn’t seem to be any really concrete research as to whether this is really the case. In most cases the possibility that it could be one of the worst years of a marriage is ascribed to the fact that marriage comes with various challenges, such as adjustment, expectations, disillusionment and anticlimax. For many couples the honeymoon phase ends after the honeymoon when they find out that ... Lees meer.

When all the birds have flown the nest

By Karen van der Berg And just like that, in the wink of an eye, they’re gone. Gone from the familiar home, gone from the safe shelter. This must surely be one of the most difficult phases in any parent’s life ─ the moment your youngest child leaves the house. Marie Venter, an educational psychologist from Pretoria, says nothing can prepare parents for the empty house. “For some it feels like death. It’s like mourning.” She has the following tips to make the adjustment a bit easier. Take a breath: Life goes on. Allow yourself enough time to close off ... Lees meer.

Help your child to process the death of a pet

Marli Naidoo In many cases the loss of a pet is a child’s first introduction to death. It can therefore leave him sad, but can also fill him with feelings of guilt, fear and confusion. Some children may even resent a friend whose pet is still alive. It therefore is our duty to help our children through this difficult time. A toddler will probably not yet understand the concept of death. Explain to him that his pet is dead and won’t return, but that it definitely is not his fault. Four- to six-year-olds are inclined to see death as a ... Lees meer.

Having a dog in a complex

We all love our pets but it’s not always easy to live the communal life with an animal, especially a dog. If you’re planning on moving to a complex and have a dog, or live in one and want to get a dog, there are some things you need to consider. Firstly, is the complex pet-friendly? Some people move to a complex because they don’t want neighbours with pets, so make sure you can have a dog before you move in or buy one. Secondly, do you have the right kind of dog for complex living? Remember that an animal ... Lees meer.

Having a dog in a complex

Bryan Brook We all love our pets but it’s not always easy to live the communal life with an animal, especially a dog. If you’re planning to move to a complex and have a dog, or if you live in one and want to get a dog, there are some things you need to consider. Firstly, make sure the complex is pet-friendly. Some people move to a complex because they don’t want neighbours with pets, so make sure you can have a dog before you move in or buy one. Secondly, make sure that you have the right kind of ... Lees meer.

How to choose a child-friendly dog breed

Anja van den Berg Adopting a dog is like choosing a brand new family member. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly and proper research should be done for any new pet. When there are kids involved, the decision is even more important. Getting a dog for the family involves reading up about breeds, checking the reputation of the breeder and the health of the dog and making sure that your kids and living environment are suitable for a particular breed. “The truth is that some breeds are not great for families with children,” says Alexandra Cannon, writing for ... Lees meer.

Rabbits – soft, exotic pets

by Sioné van Rooyen   Domesticated rabbits were originally bred from wild rabbits. Some were bred for their beautiful fur, some for their meat and others for shows. Keeping them as pets is a more recent hobby and as we will see, there is a large variety to pick and choose from. Thoroughbred rabbits come in three categories, viz. Normal Fur breeds; Fancy breeds; and Rex and Satin breeds.   Normal Fur types This type has short underhair with longer, stiffer hair on top. Some, such as the Californian and New-Zealand white rabbits, are bred for their meat, but this ... Lees meer.

Human trafficking: Closer to home than you realise

By Tania du Toit Human trafficking and human abuse are as old as man himself and is also mentioned in the Bible (think of Joseph). In our times the media increasingly reports on contemporary human trafficking, but take note: readers can easily become “accustomed” to its more generally known perception (kidnapping and/or theft of people for exploitation) and then think that this lies outside their frames of reference and therefore does not concern them. Unfortunately most awaremakers do not have full deep-level information about the total human trafficking apparatus. The low percentage (1-2%) of local successful victim retrieval and worldwide ... Lees meer.

Human trafficking: Red flag for parents, caregivers and children

By Tania du Toit Apart from the well-known “don’t talk to strangers” and “don’t leave your drink or food unattended”, there are quite a number of other guidelines and red flags that parents, caregivers and people who work with children should be on the lookout for regarding human trafficking. The latter, as was discussed in Human trafficking 1, does not include the kidnapping of people for exploitation. These strategies and mechanisms of the total human trafficking organisation is deeply rooted and subtly integrated in the community and it runs wide and purposefully (read Human trafficking 1*). In the Goodman interview* ... Lees meer.

How to change a tyre by yourself

By Tania du Toit Hopefully this will never happen, but you have to prepare yourself for when it does. Perhaps first-car owners should be required to “pass” a tyre-change test before they are given the car keys. You need a lifting jack, a wheel spanner, a spare wheel at the correct tyre pressure and (initially) the vehicle instruction book. Handy non-essential items include a headlamp with fresh batteries, a rain jacket, a wooden block as a basis for the jack, gloves and anything that can be used as wheel wedges. Do not unexpectedly brake or swerve out the moment you ... Lees meer.

Keep your children safe

By Karen van der Berg Scary messages and videos are posted on Whats App and Facebook on a regular basis to show how easy it is for strangers to start chatting to children and even lure them away from a care-giver. Children are kidnapped world-wide annually and South Africa is no exception. Although parents need not lie awake at night in this regard, it still is advisable to know how to keep your children safe at all times; at home and in public places. Dr Aaron Tabor, an American expert on human trafficking, compiled the following three vitally important tips ... Lees meer.

Do you still welcome your new neighbours

By Tania du Toit The time is long past when we lived in a community where neighbours called one another by their first names and everyone new everyone’s business. Life’s tempo and rapid urbanisation over recent decades might have something to do with it. It has in actual fact become standard practice for neighbours to on the whole be strangers to one another and probably prefer it that way. It so happens that new neighbours move in across the road or next to you. You remember the day you were heartily welcomed by two friendly faces hovering above a freshly ... Lees meer.

Countries to which South Africans may travel without visas

By Nico Strydom South Africans can travel to more than a 100 foreign destinations without visas. According to the latest passport index of the company Henley & Partners South Africa is in the 50th position. This index ranks countries according to the number of countries to which their passport holders may travel without a visa. This index provides extensive information about the countries to which you may travel without a visa, with an electronic visa (e-Visa), with a visa upon arrival or with a normal visa. In 2016 South Africa was in the 37th position on this list, but this ... Lees meer.

How to earmark microvacations to offset your stringent work schedule

By Anja van den Berg While it’s true that holidays away can be refreshing, they can also take a lot of time, energy and money. Reflecting on the pressures and realities of the modern world of work, Elizabeth Grace Saunders offers an alternative way to think about holidays.  Saunders is a time management coach and author of How to Invest Your Time Like Money and Divine Time Management. “A lot of people feel exhausted just thinking about planning a vacation – not just navigating personal commitments and school breaks but deciding how to delegate major projects or put work on ... Lees meer.

Safe holiday

By Marli Naidoo After another quarter’s hard work some families look forward to a bit of winter holiday. Time to rest, to forget about work and school stress, and to muster strength for the second half of the year. A holiday is a time for enjoying yourself and shrugging off all stress. It is therefore important to have a safe holiday and to try and avoid incidents that could cause unnecessary pressure. Plan ahead. Take along only the necessary credit cards, and don’t walk around with a lot of cash. Plan your route, even if you have GPS. Choose the ... Lees meer.

Staying safe on a long journey

By Nico Strydom Many people go on long journeys during the December holidays to go and relax at various places across the country. How can you ensure your safety on the open road? Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety, says every person travelling during this season has a responsibility to be safe towards himself or herself as well as other travellers. Cameron gives the following tips: Make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy and does not endanger you or other road users. Make sure that you get enough sleep and are rested before you start your journey. Schedule enough ... Lees meer.

Secure your house for the holidays

By Nico Strydom The December holidays have arrived at last, which means that many people are taking a break. However, it usually also means increased criminal activity, so make sure that your house is secure while you are on holiday. Unfortunately you can’t take all your belongings on holiday with you, but you can take certain precautions to try and make sure that your house is secure while you’re away from home. According to Virseker criminals go into overdrive from October to December and incidents of housebreaking escalate dramatically. Virseker offers the following security hints for the protection of your ... Lees meer.

Vegetable marrow lasagne

By Lea Brink Tasty and creamy lasagne for those not fond of meat. 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon sunflower oil 2 packets chopped mushrooms ¼ cup finely chopped parsley Bottle pasta sauce of your choice 2 cups vegetable extract 10 lasagne slices, soaked in boiling water 3 cups grated cheddar cheese 3 cups grated mozzarella cheese 50g ricotta cheese 400g vegetable marrows 1 beaten egg Salt and pepper Preheat the oven to 180°C. Cut the vegetable marrows into slices with a vegetable peeler. Melt the butter and oil together in a pan, add the mushrooms and fry until done. Add ... Lees meer.

Yeast bread with a butternut filling

By Lea Brink There are so many yeast bread recipes doing the rounds. The filling of this one will let you look at yeast with new eyes. A tasty snack for your guests. You will need: 1 fresh yeast bread. The fermenting process for yeast bread is very time-consuming. You can buy wonderful breads that have risen perfectly. Olive oil 400g butternut, cubed 120g rocket leaves 80g dried “rooibos” berries 100g coarsely chopped pecan nuts 200g Danish feta cheese (contains palm oil) Balsamic reduction salad sauce Heat a pan with one tablespoon olive oil. Fry the butternut cubes in the ... Lees meer.

Cornish meat pie

By Lea Brink A quick evening meal and one of my family’s favourite pies You will need: 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 beaten egg 1 tablespoon sour cream 1 tablespoon Worcester sauce 2 chopped cloves of garlic 2 cups beef extract 1 chopped onion 2 cups frozen vegetables (carrots, peas, corn) 500g lean beef mince Salt and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon chopped sage 1 cup grated cheddar cheese 800g puff pastry Preheat the oven to 180°C. Fry the oven, garlic and mince meat together until golden brown. Lower the heat to a light simmer. Add the beef extract, frozen ... Lees meer.

Filled potato hash brown cups

By Lea Brink Tasty as a snack or to add to a lunch box. You will need: 4 large peeled potatoes 1 cup bread crumbs 2 beaten eggs 250ml sour cream 2 tablespoons chopped chives ½ cup chopped olives ½ cup chopped tinned Peppadews 2 tablespoons butter 2 cups cheddar cheese ½ cup mozzarella cheese Salt and pepper to taste Boil the potatoes in water for approximately 45 minutes or until done. Drain the water and crumble the potatoes until fine. Add the butter, olives, Peppadews, salt and pepper and stir well. Place the breadcrumbs and eggs in two separate ... Lees meer.

Champagne ice cubes

By Lea Brink These champagne cubes are pretty and refreshing in a drink or make delicious fruit sweets. You will need: 400ml pink champagne of your choice 100ml pink rosé wine 1 tablespoon castor sugar 50g finely chopped strawberries 50g blueberries 50g chopped raspberries 50g Cape gooseberries 1 tablespoon rosewater syrup (optional) 2 heaped tablespoons gelatine powder ¾ cup water Boil the water and castor sugar together on low heat until the castor sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat. Add the gelatine powder and stir until dissolved. Add the rosewater syrup and rosé. Stir well until the mixture starts ... Lees meer.

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