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The Process Every Potential Adoptive Parent In South Africa Needs To Know

By Anja van den Berg Many couples yearn for a baby of their own but are challenged by circumstances or reproductive issues. Luckily, adoption can open many doors for people who want to share their loving homes with a little one.The adoption road might not be easy, but it is...

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Pregnant? Why you should consider a midwife

By Melodie VeldhuizenYou have just received the wonderful news that you are pregnant. You have always dreamt of giving birth naturally and would like to embark on the journey (and thereafter) with one person who will be dedicated to your and your baby’s interests from the first stage of pregnancy until after the birth. If you are healthy and medically speaking there are no risks involved, you could seriously consider the assistance of a midwife.What is a midwife?A midwife is mostly also a mom who is convinced that to allow nature to take its course and give birth naturally is ... Lees meer.

Make your child bullyproof

By Essie BesterAccording to statistics 57% of all schoolchildren in South Africa say that they have been bullied at school. Most parents are angry when they find out that their child is being targeted by a bully. Dr Elizma van der Smit, a clinical psychologist, says one should guard against overreacting. Instead, take positive steps to solve the problem. This is how your child can learn to be self-assertive:Listen without becoming angry. Put your own feelings aside and listen to what your child is saying.Make your child part of the process by asking him how he wants you to take it ... Lees meer.

Teach your child respect for nature

By Essie BesterIt’s important for children to learn to respect nature and all forms of life as soon as they become aware of the world around them. In this way they learn respect for themselves and for others. It also is the way in which everyone can be assured of a better future. The earth, after all, is the only planet in the galaxy that contains life – there is no other place to run to!Because children are our future planet managers, it is necessary to imbue them with enthusiasm about the environment, says Mark Tennant, safari guide, TV presenter ... Lees meer.

Blowing bubbles is more than just a game for children

By Melodie VeldhuizenBlowing bubbles with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers is a wonderful way of keeping them busy while at the same time giving your child quality time. It’s fun, entertaining and relaxing, but also benefits the child’s development at many other levels.Lauren Mayer, a physiotherapist, teacher and also a mother, tells more about the benefits of this game that has been enjoyed by many children over many generations.It is cheap: Whether you make it yourself or buy it, it is one of the cheapest toys for children.It is versatile. Children can play with it indoors and outside. They can play with ... Lees meer.

Must I entertain my child right through the holidays?

By Marli NaidooSchool holidays, a time for children to enjoy playing and spending time at home! Unfortunately some parents and children don’t see it this way. Parents feel that their children must not become bored and that it is the parents’ job to make sure that their children’s days are filled with activities and excursions. We are scared that our children will tell us they are bored.It is, however, not good for our children to be entertained all the time. It is noticeable that it is precisely the busiest children who complain that they are bored. They are used to ... Lees meer.

Who comes first: Husband or children?

By Marli Naidoo Perhaps you’re one of those moms who say that their children come before their husbands on the priority list because they did not ask to be here, cannot fend for themselves, and the husband is old enough to take care of himself. However, is this attitude the best for your children and your marriage? It has been found that conjugal bliss dims after the birth of children. This decline is 42% higher in our generation than in the previous one. This happiness and satisfaction decline even more with the birth of every subsequent child. This does not ... Lees meer.

Please talk to me, honey!

By Karen van der Berg If there is one thing women want the most, it is for their husbands to talk about their emotions. Most men struggle to talk about their emotions or “deeper” stuff such as relationships. The good news is, you can teach your husband to do so. This is according to Raymond Fourie, a marriage counsellor in Bellville. Most people possess an amazing ability to grow and change. Your husband does not find it as easy as you do to talk about matters of the heart, because as a child he received messages to suppress his experiences ... Lees meer.

When is divorce the best option?

By Anja van den Berg Divorce is not something to be taken lightly. The emotional and financial fallout from ending a marriage can be tremendous and traumatic for all involved. “The common conclusion to all studies on prevention of relationship breakdown and the causes of divorce is that a constellation of factors, not a single cause, is normally responsible for the breakdown of a marriage relationship,” says Bertus Preller, family law and divorce lawyer at Bertus Preller & Associates Inc. in Cape Town. Since relationships are dynamic and family circumstances alter throughout the course of the marriage (for example, the ... Lees meer.

The pros and cons of online dating

By Nico Strydom In the digital era more and more people meet online and like everything else, it has its pros and cons. Technology makes it easier for single people to meet new friends online and even to find their life partners. There are thousands of dating websites that provide for the different needs of people who decide to date online. Technology, however, can be both an obstacle and an aid to romance. Once you’ve taken the first step towards creating an online profile, there are several things to keep in mind: Do not create a misleading profile Give a ... Lees meer.

Is the first year of a marriage really the bumpiest?

By Nico Strydom The first year of a marriage is often referred to as the honeymoon phase, but also has the reputation of being one of the most difficult years of a marriage. There doesn’t seem to be any really concrete research as to whether this is really the case. In most cases the possibility that it could be one of the worst years of a marriage is ascribed to the fact that marriage comes with various challenges, such as adjustment, expectations, disillusionment and anticlimax. For many couples the honeymoon phase ends after the honeymoon when they find out that ... Lees meer.

Seven diseases you could pick up from your pet

Chisanga Mukuka Just like the rest of us, your furry friend is also prone to germs, bacteria and bouts of sickness. And in the same way that you might catch a cold from other people, conditions from pets can sometimes be passed on to their owners. The good news is that most zoonotic diseases (diseases that can be transferred from animals to humans) are quite rare, and those that you could contract are treatable and can be prevented through simple measures. A great start is knowing which infections are most likely to cross over. Familiarise yourself with the following conditions: ... Lees meer.

Help your child to process the death of a pet

Marli Naidoo In many cases the loss of a pet is a child’s first introduction to death. It can therefore leave him sad, but can also fill him with feelings of guilt, fear and confusion. Some children may even resent a friend whose pet is still alive. It therefore is our duty to help our children through this difficult time. A toddler will probably not yet understand the concept of death. Explain to him that his pet is dead and won’t return, but that it definitely is not his fault. Four- to six-year-olds are inclined to see death as a ... Lees meer.

Having a dog in a complex

We all love our pets but it’s not always easy to live the communal life with an animal, especially a dog. If you’re planning on moving to a complex and have a dog, or live in one and want to get a dog, there are some things you need to consider. Firstly, is the complex pet-friendly? Some people move to a complex because they don’t want neighbours with pets, so make sure you can have a dog before you move in or buy one. Secondly, do you have the right kind of dog for complex living? Remember that an animal ... Lees meer.

Having a dog in a complex

Bryan Brook We all love our pets but it’s not always easy to live the communal life with an animal, especially a dog. If you’re planning to move to a complex and have a dog, or if you live in one and want to get a dog, there are some things you need to consider. Firstly, make sure the complex is pet-friendly. Some people move to a complex because they don’t want neighbours with pets, so make sure you can have a dog before you move in or buy one. Secondly, make sure that you have the right kind of ... Lees meer.

How to choose a child-friendly dog breed

Anja van den Berg Adopting a dog is like choosing a brand new family member. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly and proper research should be done for any new pet. When there are kids involved, the decision is even more important. Getting a dog for the family involves reading up about breeds, checking the reputation of the breeder and the health of the dog and making sure that your kids and living environment are suitable for a particular breed. “The truth is that some breeds are not great for families with children,” says Alexandra Cannon, writing for ... Lees meer.

Family murders: Who and why

By Dr. Eugene Brink Henri van Breda was recently found guilty and sentenced to three life terms in prison for the murder of his father, brother and mother at the De Zalze luxury estate in Stellenbosch in 2015. It was one of the most sensational trials and family murders in the history of South Africa and garnered intense media attention. It seemed completely senseless and unusual for someone from such an esteemed, stable and well-to-do family to murder them in such an abhorrent manner. This perhaps explains why the case drew the amount of attention and scrutiny it did. Their ... Lees meer.

Safe holiday

By Marli Naidoo After another quarter’s hard work some families look forward to a bit of winter holiday. Time to rest, to forget about work and school stress, and to muster strength for the second half of the year. A holiday is a time for enjoying yourself and shrugging off all stress. It is therefore important to have a safe holiday and to try and avoid incidents that could cause unnecessary pressure. Plan ahead. Take along only the necessary credit cards, and don’t walk around with a lot of cash. Plan your route, even if you have GPS. Choose the ... Lees meer.

At what age should my learn child how to swim?

By Nico Strydom Drowning is one of the main causes of unnatural deaths among young children in South Africa. “The sad part is that almost all the deaths could possibly have been avoided through proper supervision over children who could not swim, by informing children about the dangers of water, and by placing fences around and netting over swimming pools,” says Dr James Nutt, general practitioner at Intercare Glenfair. According to Nutt children can suffer permanent brain damage within minutes when oxygen is cut off. “Children can even drown in a basin or a small fishpond with a little bit ... Lees meer.

Human trafficking: Closer to home than you realise

By Tania du Toit Human trafficking and human abuse are as old as man himself and is also mentioned in the Bible (think of Joseph). In our times the media increasingly reports on contemporary human trafficking, but take note: readers can easily become “accustomed” to its more generally known perception (kidnapping and/or theft of people for exploitation) and then think that this lies outside their frames of reference and therefore does not concern them. Unfortunately most awaremakers do not have full deep-level information about the total human trafficking apparatus. The low percentage (1-2%) of local successful victim retrieval and worldwide ... Lees meer.

Human trafficking: Red flag for parents, caregivers and children

By Tania du Toit Apart from the well-known “don’t talk to strangers” and “don’t leave your drink or food unattended”, there are quite a number of other guidelines and red flags that parents, caregivers and people who work with children should be on the lookout for regarding human trafficking. The latter, as was discussed in Human trafficking 1, does not include the kidnapping of people for exploitation. These strategies and mechanisms of the total human trafficking organisation is deeply rooted and subtly integrated in the community and it runs wide and purposefully (read Human trafficking 1*). In the Goodman interview* ... Lees meer.

How to avoid the Christmas rush

During the preamble to the Christmas season and this busy time do you want to lock yourself inside your home and only appear again after New Year? You hate the crowds of people and large shopping malls and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Jingle bells blaring in your ears. Even Father Christmas who sits back quietly and just utters a ho-ho-ho now and then while you rush around for Christmas food and Christmas gifts irritates you. Unfortunately you cannot avoid the festive season, but you can sidestep the Christmas rush.   Christmas gifts: Compile your gift list ahead of time. Look ... Lees meer.

Be sun smart this summer

Essie Bester For decades people have been hearing that the sun can make you old and even kill you. And yet it would seem that people think that scientists are lying about it and it is all just a lot of scare stories. South Africans are still shockingly careless or ignorant about protection against the sun, says the Durban-based dermatologist, Dr Marc Roscher. Be sun smart this year by familiarising yourself with all the necessary hints and facts. Suntan cream Nothing ages your skin faster than the sun, regardless of suntan cream. And although there are as yet no scientific ... Lees meer.

Matrics, this is how to stay safe during the holidays

By Nico Strydom The matric exams have come and gone and matrics are looking ahead with great excitement to the holidays and parties in the offing. Parties and celebrations will be held all over the country. “Unfortunately, each year there are also cases where matrics die in road accidents, due to inebriation or a drug overdose. There are also cases of theft of valuable items and vandalism,” says Charnelle Hattingh, national marketing and communications manager at Fidelity ADT. However, according to Hattingh, there are some easy tips that matrics can follow to stay safe. “Make sure all your valuable items ... Lees meer.

Make sure your car is safe for the long trip

By Nico Strydom The festive season is just around the corner and it is time to create memories with friends and family. Whether you are planning a peaceful and quiet holiday in the bush or a holiday at the beach, or just intend staying at home and exploring your town or city, you have to acquire peace of mind by making sure your vehicle is safe and ready for the journey. “Millions of South African motorists will be on the road during the festive season. Most vehicle problems can be detected early by taking it for an inspection, listening for ... Lees meer.

3 Tips to Avoid Family Drama during The Christmas Holidays

By Anja van den Berg With the Festive Season upon us, many of us will be spending time with extended family. Whether you're traveling to visit parents or they're coming to stay with you, time spent with family can be filled with blessings – and also lots of stress. Like it or not, extended family and in-laws are part of your life. And never is that fact more accentuated than over the Christmas holidays. How can you keep your home harmonious when your mother-in-law has outstayed her welcome, over-excited children are acting up or your spouse is driving you crazy ... Lees meer.

Pork sausage pitas with grilled vegetables

By Lea BrinkVery fast supper for any night of the weekYou need:4-6 pitas500 g pork sausage, cut in wheels2 cups halved coloured small tomatoes200 g beans100 g cut baby marrows100 g cut yellow patty pans100 g baby potatoes100 g cut green sweet peppers2 tablespoons chopped rosemary1 tablespoon thymeCoarse salt and pepper to taste1 teaspoon paprikaOlive oilWholegrain mustardHeat the oven to 200 degrees.Line an oven pan with baking paper and spray it with Spray ‘n Cook.Put all the vegetables and pork sausages together on the oven pan. Spread it out so that it forms a single layer.Sprinkle the herbs and spices ... Lees meer.

Berry and cream cheese Danish roll

By Lea BrinkFor when your diet is not importantYou need:220 g cream cheese½ cup castor sugar150 g chopped milk chocolate1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 teaspoon lemon juice1 cup mixed berries, e.g. blackberries, blueberries and raspberries2 teaspoons maize flour1 cup sugar100 ml water150 g white chocolate400 g puff pastry1 eggFreeze the fresh berries overnight.Heat the oven to 220 degrees.Add the berries, maize flour, sugar and water together in a saucepan. Simmer at low heat for about 10 minutes. Put aside.Beat the cream cheese and castor sugar together in an electric mixer. Add the pieces of milk chocolate, vanilla extract and lemon juice ... Lees meer.

Pecan-nut patty pans with vanilla cream

By Lea BrinkThe aroma of these patty pans are very special.You need:1 cup brown sugar1 cup chopped pecan nuts3 eggs½ cup melted butter½ cup cake flour¼ cup chopped dates250 ml fresh cream1 teaspoon vanilla extractHeat the oven to 180 degrees.Butter a patty pan tin with hollows. Line each hollow with a patty pan paper cup.Mix the pecan nuts, brown sugar, cake flour and dates in a mixing bowl.Beat the eggs and butter together and add to the dry ingredients. Mix together thoroughly.Divide the batter between the patty pan hollows. Bake in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes or ... Lees meer.

A vegan’s peanut-butter cookie

By Lea brinkI baked these cookies for one of my vegan friends and was surprised by how tasty they were.You need:1 cup almond flour½ cup peanut butter (sugar- and oil-free)¼ cup/80 g maple syrup3 tablespoons coconut sugar (I use the Woolworths brand)180 g dark chocolate1 tablespoon coconut oil100 g finely chopped peanutsMake very sure that you measure the ingredients very accurately.Heat the oven to 180 degrees.Mix the almond flour, peanut butter and maple syrup in a mixing bowl.Make sure that the batter forms a big round ball. If the batter is still a bit too moist, add a little almond ... Lees meer.

Fillet of beef carpaccio with crisp French bread

By Lea BrinkThe tastiest and most romantic snack to share with a loved oneYou need:300 g fillet of beef2 cups rocket leaves1 lemon, cut in wedges100 g sliced mozzarellaCoarde salt and pepperOlice oilPesto:4 tablespoons olive oil½ cup basil1 tablespoon pine nuts2 cloves of garlicFresh French breadSpread olive oil over the fillet of beef and cover and generously cover with salt and pepper.Fry the fillet in a hot pan to seal the sides, approximately 2 minutes on each side.Put the fillet aside to rest.Put the olive oil, basil, pine nuts and cloves of garlic together in a food processor. Add salt ... Lees meer.

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